Automation-ready templates
Accessibility for sales and counterparties
Managing common negotiations
Designing your ideal contract automations

Would you like to improve how your legal and business teams manage routine contracts like NDAs and Cloud Services Agreements?

Join Preston Clark and Electra Japonas as they discuss strategies and frameworks for accelerating your highest volume business contracts.

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About the Host

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Preston Clark
CEO, SimpleDocs

Preston Clark is CEO and co-founder of SimpleDocs, a software platform designed to automate routine business contracts – saving time for in-house lawyers and accelerating deals for sales teams. Preston is also the co-founder of Law Insider, the world’s largest contract and clause database. With over 15-years of experience at the intersection of software and legal operations, Preston brings a unique perspective to legaltech.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Preston served in leadership roles with several VC backed start-ups, and he also served as Assistant General Counsel for the University of Miami.

Electra Japonas
Founder and CEO, TLB

Electra Japonas is the Founder and CEO of TLB, a Legal Optimisation company that works with in-house legal teams to streamline the way they work with best-in-class legal operations and technology support. Electra is also the co-founder of oneNDA, an open source initiative to standardise the NDA template, globally. With a deep passion for legal innovation, Electra's vision is to empower organisations of all sizes with smarter, more effective approaches to the way their legal teams work.

Before establishing TLB, Electra honed her skills and knowledge over a decade in prominent organisations, including the European Space Agency, Disney, BAT, and EY, where she played pivotal roles in commercial legal and data protection.