AutoNDA launched in late 2023, and immediately gained global traction as a simple and effective workflow tool to automate the most routine of business contracts– the NDA. Since then, hundreds of in-house and business teams have adopted the platform. 

We hear from our customers and users on a daily basis. And they are not shy about telling us both what they love about AutoNDA and what they want us to improve. 

The following video and written list will give you an overview of our most popular AutoNDA features to date. 

  • SimpleLink: SimpleLink is what enables your sales teams to self-generate NDA requests instantly. Each preconfigured workflow comes with a SimpleLink that can be shared internally via Slack, Teams or Email. Individual NDA requests just require a sales rep to confirm their email address and they’ll be immediately prompted to initiate and complete the NDA request. No manual oversight from the legal team required. Fast forward here for instructions on how to activate SimpleLink in your AutoNDA account

  • In App Negotiations: With AutoNDA In-App Negotiations, counterparties can propose standard changes to the most commonly negotiated sections of your non-disclosure agreement. These include confidentiality period, purpose and jurisdiction. We don’t want to change the way your legal team manages redlines, but in the case of NDA negotiations, an in-app experience can streamline a very routine negotiation process. Fast forward here for a preview of the in-app negotiation feature. 

  • NDA Repository: Many of our users and customers are coming to AutoNDA to solve a central repository problem. They don’t have clear visibility into all signed NDAs, and they don’t have a mechanism to quickly search for active NDAs by company name or expiration date. Our NDA Repository solves this problem, and ensures that 100% of your signed NDAs are stored and searchable. For information on our approach to data privacy, visit our Security Page and our Trust Center. SimpleDocs servers are hosted at AWS Ireland.

  • NDA Import: A new feature that was developed in response to user requests and feedback is our NDA Import. This tool, located inside the NDA Repository, allows legal teams to upload and manually tag 3rd party NDAs, and NDAs otherwise negotiated outside of the AutoNDA Platform. NOTE: Our AI powered Bulk Upload feature is also coming early summer, 2024. To test out the NDA Repository and Import features, follow this link to your dashboard: (You will need to be logged in to access this link). 

  • eSign Integration: AutoNDA enables rapid integration with Docusign and Dropbox Sign tools with our PRO and Enterprise packages. Adobe Sign is coming soon! Most of our users and customers already have eSign tools in place, and we give you the ability to integrate your eSign tool directly into your AutoNDA workflow. For simple instructions on how to integrate your eSign tool, fast forward to this clip.

For additional support adopting or implementing any of the features listed above, please email