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Are you managing a high-volume of routine business contracts with a manual or otherwise inefficient process that's keeping you from more important, and more strategic work? If the answer is yes, then we should talk.

If we like it, how quickly can we get started?

Implementation is FAST! We've built SimpleDocs with the goal of same-day implementation for standard workflows, and one-week implementations for custom workflows.

What about pricing?

We will design the right package to meet your needs. Our pricing is very reasonable compared to other contract management solutions. And we don't charge per user so we can grow with you without increasing our prices.

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“It’s long been our vision to create automations around the oneNDA standard. In close partnership with SimpleDocs, we’ve helped shape AutoNDA into an incredibly powerful automation tool with the oneNDA standard built into the core. If you’ve adopted oneNDA, we encourage you to bring our standard to life through AutoNDA!”
Electra Japonas
CEO & Founder, TLB
Electra Japonas