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What does AutoNDA do exactly?

It enables self-serve access for your business teams. It gives in-house teams control over outbound NDAs without manual oversight. It integrates into your existing tools. It stores and organizes all completed NDAs.

Who should use AutoNDA?

It is designed for in-house legal and business teams that need to streamline and centralize the NDA process.  

How much is AutoNDA?

AutoNDA offers 3 flat-fee packages based on distinct use cases and business needs. Our pricing is very competitive, and we offer discounts for small teams and startups.

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“It’s long been our vision to create automations around the oneNDA standard. In close partnership with SimpleDocs, we’ve helped shape AutoNDA into an incredibly powerful automation tool with the oneNDA standard built into the core. If you’ve adopted oneNDA, we encourage you to bring our standard to life through AutoNDA!”
Electra Japonas
CEO & Founder, TLB
Electra Japonas